Rebeccah's Story

From a young age, Rebeccah knew that worship and music would be a huge part of her life. Born and raised in Lockhart Texas, she has grown up leading worship, writing songs, and serving at her home church. For the last three years she has been pastoring a youth ministry at All Generation Church and continues to pursue the Lord through music. Her belief as a worship leader is that your daily time of worship off stage is key to being able to lead others into God’s presence. Having passion, heart, and honor for God can only be fueled by spending time with Him. 

"I started writing songs when I was sixteen years old. It has become an essential way for me to express my heart to the Lord, and for Him to reveal His heart to me. When writing, my focus is on praying and really seeking the Lord about what He would have me to write. I never want to try and write songs, or lead worship without the direction of The Holy Spirit. Without the Lord’s anointing on my voice, and on my songs, they would be empty." -Rebeccah Miller

Her latest EP "Restore”  has a theme of restoration, joy, and identity. Inspired by Philippians 1:18 “ I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.” -This EP as a whole is a declaration of devotion to the Lord and a commitment to rejoice. 

“Like many of my songs, I started writing “Restore” during a worship service at my church. It’s a very simple prayer that God has used to refresh my strength on the days that feel exhausting or routine. My hope is that others will connect to this prayer and find joy in God’s strength.” -Rebeccah Miller

Rebeccah's debut EP "You Make Me Well" was released in 2014 and  is made up of five original songs. The songs on this project reflect how God is the healer of our hearts. How He is able (and desires) to heal our hurts, disappointments, and sicknesses. The title song "You Make Me Well" is a testimony of the healing power of God's presence in our lives.

"The Lord gave me this song during a very difficult season for me. I didn't feel spiritually well or healthy when I wrote this song. I didn't feel hopeful, strong, or even joyful. In reality, I was broken, deeply hurt. As I was sitting down trying to write one day, the Lord reminded me of this scripture 'Hope deferred can make the heart grow sick. But a dream fulfilled is a tree of life'. -Proverbs 13:12. The Lord spoke to my heart and said "I'm going to make you well." His presence filled the room and I just began to sing in faith 'You, You make me well, You heal me of my sadness' . . . God's comfort was there in a powerful way that day! When I needed Him so much, He came close. When I felt so desperate for hope, He sung life over me. Now, more than ever, I know that He is able to heal any wound. He's able to touch every heart." -Rebeccah Miller